Writing ISO 9001:2015 Procedures

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I am in the process of implementing ISO 9001:2015 at a heavy civil construction company. I do not have any prior experience implementing but did work in an ISO environment for 13 years. I am looking for assistance on how to go about writing procedures to ensure that they incorporate the ISO requirements.


Thanks for contacting ASQ’s Ask the Experts program.  Concerning writing procedures, there are a few things to consider.  In general, a procedure should be structured to define its purpose or scope.  If the procedure is intended to address an identified risk or opportunity, it should be stated.  Likewise, consider including specific references to customer, industry standards, and internal requirements that are being addressed in the procedure.

Other key points to consider include structuring the procedure to be consistent with the flow of the process or activities controlled by the procedure.  Also, if appropriate, include reference to acceptance criteria, identify who, when, and how these activities will be conducted.  References to any required records to be maintained to provide evidence of conformance should also be a part of the procedure.  The importance of ensuring the participation of the process owner as well as others responsible for performing the activities identified in the procedure can’t be overstated.  If possible, the process owner and other interested parties should be involved in the development, review and approval of the procedure.

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