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ASQ Global State of Quality 2016

Q: I am a senior member of ASQ.  I plan on giving a two to three hour workshop on quality culture at my company.  Do you have any audiovisual materials and/or examples from other successful companies that I could use for my slide presentation?  I would really appreciate it if you could provide me with more informaton on creating a quality culture.

A: According to The Quality Improvement Glossary by Donald L. Siebels, quality culture “consists of employee opinions, beliefs, traditions, and practices concerning quality within an organization”.

ASQ has over 200 books and articles on the topic of quality culture.  I have included links to a number of different resources, including webcasts and case studies, that contain content that I believe pertains most to your question regarding quality culture.

Case Studies:

“Quality Culture in Small Business: Four Case Studies”:

“Building a Culture of Quality”:

“Quality Engrained in Culture at Iowa Hospital”:

“R. L. Polk & Co.: Making Every Issue the Only Issue”:

“Celsius Australia: BEST PRACTICES, Reach for the STARS”:

Articles/Conference Papers:

“A Framework for Organizational Quality Culture”:

“A Nontraditional Approach to Creating a Quality Culture”:

“Creating a Quality Driven Culture…Breaking Through the Culture Wall”:

“Creating a Culture of Success Is a Team Effort”:

“The Modern Noah’s Ark”:


“Creating a Quality Culture Webcast”:

“Juran’s Quality Handbook: The Complete Guide to Performance Excellence Webcast”:

“Executive Insight Webcast Interview with Mark Laney of Heartland Health”:

(discusses how they built a culture of high performance in their organization)

These videos are from ASQ’s blog, “Quality in Mind”.  The videos are located at the end of the blog posts:

“Coca-Cola’s Quality Culture”:

“Four Questions: Creating a Culture of Quality with Dr. J.J. Irani”:

“The Ps and Qs of the new General Motors”:

“Four Questions: Talking Quality with Ford Motor Company”:


“Quality Makes Money: How to Involve Every Person on the Payroll in a Complete Quality Process (CQP)”:

“The Progressive Audit: A Toolkit for Improving Your Organizational Quality Culture”:

I hope that this information helps.  If you are interested in doing some more searching on your own, you can search for articles and books online at ASQ.

If you are interested in using any of these resources in your presentation, please contact ASQ’s Quality Information Center for more information on using and reprinting ASQ resources or see the following link on ASQ’s copyright permission policies:

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