AS9100 Temperature Control

Temperature control

There is a form for recording the temperature etc. of the measuring and calibrating equipment, but should there also be a requirement that the temperature be set at 20 degrees Celsius as that is the temperature in which all the calibrated equipment (gauge blocks etc.) would be accurate in?

Does an AS9100 certified company require a temperature controlled room for which to house all equipment and also in which all critical measurements are taken place?

The AS9100 states that environmental conditions shall be suitable for the calibration, inspection, measurement, and testing being carried out.  If the measuring equipment is measuring close tolerance dimensions (typically .0001 inch) then expansion coefficients of materials must be considered including temperature and humidity.

Buddy Cressionnie
International Aerospace Quality Group Americas AS9100 Lead
Voting member of the U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 176
Southlake, TX

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