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Z1.4 Sample Size

Question I am trying to determine the sampling size using my ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 table and I wanted to get some clarification. If I am using Table II A and my Sample Size Code letter is D, what would be my … Continue reading

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Sampling and Daylight Savings Time

Question We are wondering if there is any generally accepted procedure to account for seemingly duplicate sample times when operating over the time period when clocks ‘fall back’ one hour for the end of daylight savings time? Our standard practice … Continue reading

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Sample Size and Z1.4

Question My question is if I’m trying to determine the sample size of migrated data to see if it migrated correctly to the target database, is the Z1.4 table applicable to that? The scenario is data is being transferred from … Continue reading

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Sample Size

Question If we have a lot size of 27 and we are using a normal inspection level II with an AQL of 2.5. What is the sample size? Answer Assuming an attribute is being measured, we use ANSI ASQ Z1.4.2013 … Continue reading

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Z1.4: 2008 Sampling

Question: We are having an interpretation issue regarding the ANSI/ASQ Z1.4:2008 standard with some of our component vendors. We have a number of different defects that fall into an AQL of 1.0. Please note that the same question applies to … Continue reading

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Combating contamination

Q: We want to ensure that we are receiving clean containers to package our products. How can we improve our incoming inspection process? A: You should encourage your vendor to ship only clean containers. Then, be sure that the shipping … Continue reading

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Sampling in a Call Center

Q: I work as a quality assessor (QA) and I am assisting with a number of analyses in a call center. I need a little help with sampling. My questions are as follows: 1. How do I sample calls taken by … Continue reading

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AQL for Electricity Meter Testing

Q: We have implemented a program to test electricity meters that are already in use. This would target approximately 28,000 electricity meters that have been in operation for more than 15 years. Under this program, we plan to test a … Continue reading

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Variation in Continuous and Discrete Measurements

Q: I would appreciate some advice on how I can fairly assess process variation for metrics derived from “discrete” variables over time. For example, I am looking at “unit iron/unit air” rates for a foundry cupola melt furnace in which … Continue reading

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Quality in Radical Innovation

Q: Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) involves the discovery, development, and understanding of critical to quality areas and fosters innovation. However, studies have shown that using focus groups, interviews, and etc., based on current users only bring forth ideas relative … Continue reading

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