L. L. “Buddy” Cressionnie

About the Expert


Buddy has led the writing of IAQG 9100 revisions in 2009 and 2016 and engaged with ISO 9001 standard writings. He has been engaged with the complete life cycle of Aviation, Space & Defense (ASD) quality management system standards.

• Development: As Americas Aerospace Quality System Committee Chair, Buddy had oversight of over 30 ASD standards and leadership in the development and maintenance of IAQG 9100 standards. He represented IAQG on writing ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9004 and participates on the international TC176 ISO 9001:2015 interpretations committee.

• Training: Conducted workshops on behalf of training providers, conference workshops, and internal training.

• Implementation: Implemented ISO 9001 and IAQG 9100 at 10-site and 24,000 employee major ASD OEM

• Auditing: Experience in conducting first, second, and third party audits to ensure compliance with requirements and QMS effectiveness. 18+ years of 3rd party audit certification and contract auditor for certification bodies.

• Feedback: Responsible for all IAQG 9100 clarifications worldwide and participated on ISO TC176 clarification process.

• Quality leader responsible for leading the implementation and certification of major Aviation, Space & Defense OEM covering 10 locations and 24,000 employees.

• Responsible for the development, maintenance, consolidation and integration of Quality & Mission Success (Q&MS) processes and procedures.

• Responsible for leading the Process and Product Quality Assurance process area to implement the Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI®).

• Quality Program Manager responsible for quality planning and execution for major cargo airframe including customer interface for any quality issues