Taz Daughtrey

About the Expert

Taz Daughtrey is the senior software quality scientist at the Data and Analysis Center for Software and a member of the Computer Science faculty at James Madison University. He is an ASQ Fellow, the founding editor of the peer-reviewed journal Software Quality Professional, and a member of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board. Taz’s previous experience in industry included responsibilities as quality manager and chief security officer of a medical application service provider, as well as a number of roles in software development, training, and quality improvement in manufacturing and engineering.

Why do you think standards are important?

It is far too easy to develop software and far too hard to develop quality software.  The insights captured in software quality and software engineering standards are fundamental to doing the right job as efficiently as possible.

Why did you choose to pursue a standards-related profession / get involved in Technical Advisory Group Membership?

I have volunteered to work on software engineering standards since 1982 because I believe they represent a consensus of professional practice that can inform the newcomer as well as guide the more experienced practitioner.

What’s your best advice to someone new to standards?

Start with the big picture: the overall structure of standards in your area or the body of knowledge established for a relevant certification. Then see how each of the specific standards fits into that framework and contributes to the total view.

What other interests or hobbies do you have?

I am a big fan of the future, so I enjoy reading science-based speculative writing about what lies ahead. I have closely followed all the latest discoveries in astronomy and space exploration and delight in sharing those wonders with others, young and old alike.