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Acceptance Sampling Inspection

Question We have an Acceptance sampling inspection in place where we use the ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 – 2013 standard under Normal Inspection, using General Inspection Level II to drive our samples size and accept, reject criteria. We do not uses switching … Continue reading

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Charging Lab Fees

Question We are in the process of getting our new laboratory ISO 17025 certified. At this moment, our lab is a part of a parent organization. However, it has been requested that the lab should have its own name and … Continue reading

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Internal Audits, Third Party Audit

Question Shouldn’t a company audit its own processes and procedures to ensure compliance before a third-party audit is scheduled? Answer Thanks for contacting ASQ’s Ask the Experts Program.  In response to your inquiry, yes, it would be a good idea … Continue reading

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Unsigned Audit Report

Question Is it acceptable for an auditor to submit an UNSIGNED audit report in Word version? I’m QA director at a pharmaceutical CRO. We were recently audited by one of our clients. They refuse to provide a signed audit report … Continue reading

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Audit Versus Inspection?

Question Would you please tell me what the differences between audit and inspection are? Answer This is a great question.   We can start with the definitions of inspection and audit per the new ISO 9000:2015 standard.  Inspection is “Determination of … Continue reading

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Transitioning to ISO 9001: 2015

Question ISO 2015 has a 3 year implementation period. I recertified in 2014 and need to recertify in 2017. At this point I have a little under one year to transition instead of the 3 years identified. What alternatives are … Continue reading

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Switching Rules

Question  We are planning to implement ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2003(R2013) sampling inspection plan with our Finish products which are currently 100% inspected by QC Inspectors.  I read  about the importance of the switching rules  on a continuing stream of lots and have the … Continue reading

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