About & Ask a Question

This blog is affiliated with ASQ’s Ask the Experts program and the Quality Information Center. The questions and answers published on this blog have been received and resolved through these services.

Please note that opinions are offered to assist questioners with their implementation and improvement efforts. These opinions have no formal status and should not be cited in a dispute.

Questions which ask for product recommendations or reviews other than those sold by ASQ will not be accepted.

Ask the Experts

The Ask the Experts program receives technical questions submitted by users of international and American national standards and relies on answers provided by volunteers working in standards-related professions.

ASQ’s standards experts are knowledgeable about the application of standards in the following areas:

ISO 9000 / quality management
ISO 14000 / environmental management
AS9100 / aerospace
TS 16949 / automotive
Z1.4, Z1.9 / sampling, tables, inspection by attributes, zero defects
ISO 26000 / social responsibility
ISO 19011 / auditing, document control
Food safety
Calibration / measurements
Inspection / manufacturing
Medical devices & FDA regulated industries
Statistical methods, control charts
Statistical process control

Knowledge Center And Discussion Boards

ASQ offers a variety of resources for customers to use to assist in quality efforts.  One resource is the Knowledge Center Search, a database of ASQ articles, case studies,  conference proceedings, etc. and is available for all customers to search.

The Ask the Expert program relies on responses from volunteer working in quality profressions. Response times can vary based on travel and work schedules.  If you are looking for a more immediate source for questions submitted, another available resource is the ASQ Discussion Boards.   The Ask a Quality Professional board is especially popular.  All quality professionals are invited to contribute and respond to questions through these avenues.

Please submit your question to the Ask the Expert blog using the form below. It may take several weeks to receive responses to technical questions requiring the expertise of a subject matter expert.

Please note your email address will be kept on file and you may receive future communication from ASQ.

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