About Ask the Standards Experts

About ASQ's Ask the Standards Expert program and blog

This blog is affiliated with ASQ’s Ask the Standards Experts program and ASQ’s Quality Information Center. The questions and answers published on this blog have been received and resolved through these services.

The Ask the Standards Experts program is designed to provide answers to technical questions submitted by users of international and American national standards, facilitated or developed and supported by ASQ. The questions are answered by ASQ’s experts, who are volunteers working in standards-related professions.

The experts are well seasoned, highly credentialed quality professionals. They are longstanding members and many are ASQ authors and have been involved in the development of standards.

The experts are knowledgeable about the application of standards in the following areas:

  • ISO 9000—quality management
  • ISO 14000—environmental management
  • Z1.4, Z1.9—sampling, tables, inspection by attributes, zero defects
  • ISO 26000—social responsibility
  • ISO 19011—auditing, document control
  • Statistical methods, control charts
  • Statistical process control

Please note that opinions are offered to assist readers with their standards-related implementation and improvement efforts. These opinions have no formal status and should not be cited in a dispute.

Questions that ask for non-ASQ product recommendations or reviews will not be accepted.

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Because the Ask the Standards Experts program relies on responses from volunteers, it may take several weeks before you receive a response to your question. Response times are dependent on the volunteers’ work and travel schedules.  An answer to your question is not guaranteed.

If you are looking for a more immediate response to your question, please visit myASQ, ASQ’s online community, and post your question there.

2 thoughts on “About Ask the Standards Experts”

  1. If the organization has a corrective action in place, can the third party write them up for a major or minor for what that already have identified?

  2. Hello!
    My question is for ISO17025 [Testing labs], specifically for “impartiality”.
    I would like to know if there is a Risk or major situation, if the Technician that does the testing under this standard 17025,he reports to Engineering Department, and the person who release or verify this testing performed by the Technician, both of them reports to the same person.…are we against the “impartiality” requirement ???

    Thanks !

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