ISO Certification without Quality Dept?

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There were some changes recently in the company where I work. Now, a quality manager or quality function does not exist in the our company; however, we do maintain the ISO certification.  Our ISO certification applies to our corporate office and it applies also to the manufacturing facility located in a different city.

Is acceptable to have an ISO certification and not have a quality function?


There is no requirement for a quality function in ISO 9001:2015. I believe that this can be a positive move for your organization as it puts the job of quality upon the process owners, especially top management.  This is where it should be.

It can be a little messy as these responsibilities are passed back to the process owners; but, it’s right!

George Hummel

For more on this topic, please visit ASQ’s website.

One thought on “ISO Certification without Quality Dept?”

  1. It is true that there is no such requirement in ISO 9001:2015 and I agree with George; however, I am very interested to know in the specific company who provides guidance/templates for the proper definition of processes or for risk management; who organises the internal audit program; ensures the availability of qualified auditors; performs internal audits (follows up on corrective actions, etc); gathers and analyses the information needed to formulate the Management Review and who indeed organises the Management Review. I am not implying anything, I am just interested to see practically how such activities can be done without a quality function/element. Thank you.

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