Nonconformance Disposition

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Should the person writing a non-conformance also be the person who dispositions the same non-conformance?


From John Surak:

This question is interesting.  In addition, there may be a lack of information to properly answer the question.  There is nothing in ISO 9001:2015 that prohibits the person who wrote the non-conformance from ensuring that non-conformance is addressed in an effective manner.  However, several questions remain.  Why did an individual write a non-conformance on one’s self?  Why did the person just take actions to eliminate the non-conformance without having to implement a correction or corrective action process?  This issue would be an interesting discussion during an audit, and it may lead to an audit trail that discusses leadership and commitment.

John G. Surak, PhD

From George Hummel:

This answer depends upon how you define “dispositions.”  If you mean take the corrective action, then no.  If you mean determines the effectiveness and evaluates the results, then yes.

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