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The question is about in IATF 16949. It said the input to management review shall include (f) customer satisfaction. Because that clause is supplemental to ISO 9001, 9.3.2, where C (1) customer satisfaction and feedback from relevant interested parties is inclusive, why does it repeat here? I asked to see 9.2.1 in ISO 9001 but I didn’t see any specific difference between them.


That’s a very good question, and you’re right that it’s a subtle difference.  It seems that the reference to clause 9.1.2 in the 16949 clause makes it very specific and deliberate that the customer satisfaction being referred to must include “perception” (9.1.2) and that the customer satisfaction in management review will be derived from how “the organization shall determine the methods for obtaining, monitoring and reviewing this information”  (9.1.2).   I hope you find this clarification helpful.

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