Internal Audits

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Can the Management Representative be part of the internal auditor team?


Thank you for contacting ASQ’s Ask the Experts program.  Concerning your question, ISO 9001:2008, clause 8.2.2, only prohibits persons from auditing their own work.  So provided that the Management representative is assigned to audit processes that are outside his/her work responsibilities, there is no other restriction in with regard.   ISO 19011:2011,clause 4.0, “Principals of auditing” as well as clause 6.3.3, “Assigning work to the audit team”, should be reviewed for additional insight and understanding.

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  1. I believe that the MR can’t really understand management of the internal audit program unless he/she does some number of audits. Understanding management of the entire company quality program is greatly enhanced if the MR gets out and does some hands on work.

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