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On layout inspection, if the customer doesn’t specify, what will be the minimum required for TS 16949? What is the frequency of this layout inspection for TS 16949?


Thank you for your question.  ISO/TS 16949:2009 does not require an annual layout, but Clause states that annual layouts will be performed in accordance with the Control Plan.    If the Customer requires an annual layout, you will flow that requirement down into your Control Plan and conduct the layouts.  If none of your customers require an annual layout, you are not required to do them (but you can if you choose to do so).

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  1. Thank you for your Question…
    As mentioned like in the previous answer, there is no defined frequency in the TS 16949 (Ref: Clause no: However the organization can cascade the customer requirements in to thier controls plans and can be followed, or the organization can define there own stringent frequency if the customer not defined large frequency.

    Hope i clarified your doubts…

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