“As Received/As Found” Condition Requirement in ISO/TS 16949?

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It’s been mentioned to me by several people that TS 16949 requires that the “as found” (sometimes known as the “as received”) condition is required to be documented on calibration certificates. However, I’ve read 7.6.2 several times and I can’t find where it requires that.

Can you point me to the section that is being understood to mean the “as found” must be included?


Thank you for your question.

Although recording the as-received readings over the range of calibration is a best practice, it is not required by ISO/TS 16949.  Clause 7.6.2 – Calibration/Verification Records requires only that “records……shall include, any out-of-specification readings as received for calibration/verification.” Therefore, “as found” readings are only required to be recorded if they are out of specification. If they are within specification, they are not.

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