Using White Out on Controlled Documents

ISO documentation practices, requirements


During our certification for AS9100C the auditor found some documents with correction liquid that we have used for years. We have prohibited the use of any type of correction on all processes company wide.

It is common that during the prototype stage we performed dozens of changes due to the differences between the calculating/design program (electrical) and what happens in real life. During those adjustments we change manually circuits, values, etc. from the original version, with white-out tapes (before was liquid paper) once the prototype works those changes are incorporated as “Initial release” in the package that goes out for manufacturing. Do you guys see any problem using white out tape / correction tape on the controlled copies during prototype stage? My point is that the original values are recorded on the originals that will be obsoleted and the new ones on the initial release, keeping the controlled copies marked as records of the prototype.


Thanks for contacting ASQ’s Ask the Experts program.

With regard to your inquiry, changing the documented results of inspection or test activities should be avoided or at least strictly controlled.  This is of special importance if these records are intended to provide evidence of product or process conformance.

However, prototype test results which may be subject to frequent changes during preliminary inspection or test activities, doesn’t require the same level of control.  These results are usually intended for informational purposes only and not for final acceptance of a process or product.

Bill Aston
ASQ Senior Member
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