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Is there a list of duties for implementing ISO 9001:2008 for the management representative? I am interested in a checklist of responsibilities for that individual to use as a guide to help a company prepare for an ISO 9001:08 external audit leading to certification.


Thank you for your question.

In answer to your question, I must mention section 5.5.2 of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard. Here is the first place you will see a list of duties and responsibilities for the Management Representative (MR). While the points noted in 5.5.2 a, b, and c cover a lot of areas, I think you are looking for an expanded list and one with more specifics.

One important beginning step is a Gap Analysis. This will help your organization and your MR to see where you are at and where you need to go. From the results of your Gap Analysis, your MR and the Planning Team (if you have one) can generate a Gantt Chart. This will be a good guide to help everyone involved recognize where your company is during the implementation process.

The management representative (MR) has the responsibility of getting the quality management system (QMS) put in place. He/she must also keep the QMS effective and up to date. Your MR must report the current status of your QMS to top management.

The MR must also be well aware of management concerns and be capable of representing the company. I remember reading somewhere that a good MR is;

  1. A member of management (not necessarily a QC Manager).
  2. Willing to learn.
  3. Willing to teach.

All three of these items require capability. Capability to manage, learn, and teach.

As a final point on this question; I would advise that you acquire a book or more than one which can be used as a guide. ASQ has numerous publications which would help you to generate a list of your MR’s duties. The list can be long or short, depending on your company. It is always necessary for a management representative to be good at communicating, learning, researching, training, standing firm when necessary, and recognizing the importance of team work.

Bud Salsbury, CQT, CQI

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