TS 16949 Conformance for a Non Value Add Company

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We’re a fabless semiconductor company, Tier 2, who is in the process of designing and developing an automotive product to deliver through our TS 16949 certified subcontractor, Tier 3, to an auto supplier Tier 1, for an OEM.

We know and understand that we cannot get TS 16949 certified, but we are still working at bringing up our ISO 9001 processes certified for 14 years to withstand a TS 16949 audit.
As we do our internal process audits in preparation for our ISO 9001/14001 Surveillance audit in June/13 we’re looking for TS gaps which we’ll document and work to close.
We’re looking for a registrar who would audit us to TS 16949 and give us a report that basically states that, assuming we do, have withstood the audit and that if we were an Mfg’r qualified to be TS 16949 certified company that we would pass a TS 16949 audit.
Are you aware of any other companies who have done this or of any registrars who provide this type of service?

We’re either setting precedence for other fabless semiconductor companies designing to deliver for auto, or it’s already been done.  If it has, then what is this type audit of called and do you know anyone who has done it?

Thanks for any input you may provide.

Thank you for your question. There are two issues here. Firstly, contact your existing registrar with this question and see if they can comply with your request.

Secondly, this is about your obligation to provide a proper PPAP submission for these parts, whether they are manufactured by you or by a supplier. If you are the supplier for these parts, there are likely terms and conditions in your Purchase Order that require you to submit a level 3 PPAP. If these requirements are present, they are auditable as a customer-specific requirement whether you are registered to TS 16949 or not.

I hope this answers your question.

Denis J. Devos, P. Engineer
A Fellow of the American Society for Quality
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