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Question: AS9100C, which is an expansion of the ISO 9001:2008, states that a “process” based system is being promoted as is shown in 0.2 of the Introduction.  Why are 3rd party auditors being required to use the AS9101 Quality Management Systems Audit Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations checklists for their audits?  These check lists are not “process” based and go back to the old procedure systems of the 1994 standard.

Each of our core processes consists of a flow chart of the process, process turtle and PEAR.  If you were doing a true process audit you would take these documents and perform the audit and not limit the auditor to being “boxed in” by a check list.  If the QMS has been developed correctly the process approach audit will allow you to cross other processes when being performed.


Thanks for the question.  The IAQG AS9101 team does firmly believe in promoting the process approach which you will see reflected with the next AS9101 revision.  I agree that auditors should follow the process while performing all auditing (including 3rd party audits), yet it is also important to ensure that all the AS9100 requirements are satisfied.  That is why AS9100 auditors are trained to audit the process and then complete the Objective Evidence Record to ensure all AS9100 requirements are fulfilled.

Buddy Cressionnie
Americas 9100 Lead

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