What Title Do You Associate With a Quality Department?

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For this post, I invite subscribers to give their feedback regarding a recent question that came through today.  We have an industry member that is looking into the possibility of changing his department from Quality Improvement to… that is the question.  When you think of a quality department, what title do you associate with it?  Quality Management?  Quality Assurance?  Quality Improvement?  Something else?

4 thoughts on “What Title Do You Associate With a Quality Department?”

  1. In most industrial situations, the first title that I hear follow the word quality is ‘Inspector’. Although all personnel inspect their own work prior to offering it to another, QA or QC Inspectors are the next to get their hands on it.

  2. We don’t have a department, as such. I’m the Quality Manager and I’ve put together a group of different team members called the Quality and Improvement Group. It’s this group that reviews Quality issues, monitors internal processes and maintains SOPs, with my oversight.

  3. Since Quality Management represents an umbrella under which all activities pertaining to the Quality function of the organization, Quality Management should be able to convey the meaning of an all encompassing scope of the activities.

  4. Our Company uses QHSE since we support all those activities. My personal preference is Quality Assurance as it suggests that we have a quality product or services and are just making sure it stays that way.

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