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Combating contamination

Q: We want to ensure that we are receiving clean containers to package our products. How can we improve our incoming inspection process? A: You should encourage your vendor to ship only clean containers. Then, be sure that the shipping … Continue reading

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Can we require ISO 9001 certification?

Q: My company has bought another company in Canada and we are outsourcing to them. They are not certified to ISO/ANSI/ASQ 9001:2008 Quality management systems–Requirements.  Do we have the legal right to require them to get certified since we are? … Continue reading

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“As Found” Calibration Data – Available for a Fee?

Q: I have been an auditor of ISO/ANSI/ASQ 9001:2008 Quality management systems–Requirements since 1992 and recently began consulting hospitals who seek ISO 9001 certification. My experience with auditing to ISO 9001 is mostly in the manufacturing sector. When I audited against … Continue reading

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Remote Auditing

  Q: I am a consultant and I have helped a dozen of companies receive certification to ISO 9001-2008: Quality management systems–Requirements. A recent client requested a specific registrar that is different than the one I have used before. That … Continue reading

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