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FDA regulation for food and beverage labels

Q: I have been asked to do a quality audit of a label manufacturer whose products are used on beverages and food packaging. They are currently asking to be audited using 21CFR211 (pharmaceuticals). Is there another standard that is more … Continue reading

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Dock to Stock

Q: I have been tasked with implementing a dock to stock policy. Does an expert have any advice or information to share towards forming a dock to stock policy? A: To begin, here is a brief definition of dock to … Continue reading

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Is it Legal to Require Certification to an ISO Standard?

Q: Can a contract include a requirement stating that the manufacturer of the materials to be installed as part of the job must be ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 listed? My question is in reference to a contract I received that is requiring this. … Continue reading

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Z1.4 Split Sampling

Q: I have two questions about Z1.4-2008: Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes. 1. Does the plan allow one to “split” sampling plans among multiple items, or is only one item per plan intended? 2. The plan states a … Continue reading

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