ISO 9001 Second-Party Audits and Confidential Information

Reviewing confidential files, training records, human resources files

Q: I am auditing contractors involved in a huge project of ours, and from time to time when I ask for information (risk register, management review meetings, etc.), they say it is confidential.

Where is the limit for confidentiality and how I should deal with it? Actually, it seems like the contractor is using it as a trick.

A: What is not clear from your question is the contractual arrangements you have with your suppliers.  If the contract has a confidentiality clause and calls for second party audits, there is no excuse for withholding information.   ISO 9001:2008 — Quality management systems –Requirements does not address confidentiality.  That is best addressed in the specific arrangements between supplier and customer.

George Hummel
Voting member of the U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 176 – Quality Management and Quality Assurance
Managing Partner
Global Certification-USA
Dayton, OH

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