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Integrating ISO 22000, ISO 14001

Q: In a food manufacturing company, with certifications to ISO 22000:2005 Food safety management systems — Requirements for any organization in the food chain as well as ISO 14001-2004: Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use, the certification to ISO … Continue reading

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Applicability of TS16949 to Non-Manufacturing Organizations

Q: My conpany is certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems–Requirements. We provide integrated circuit chip design and outsource the manufacturing of the IC chips to our approved subcontractors. Recently, we won a contract to design and supply chips to … Continue reading

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ISO 2859-3 Skip-lot Sampling 5.1.1 & 5.2.1

Q: Our quality team is trying to improve inspection efficiency and enhance supplier management by employing ISO 2859-3:2005 Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes — Part 3: Skip-lot sampling procedures. Here are two questions on product qualification related to clause 5.2.1 Generic … Continue reading

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Variation in Continuous and Discrete Measurements

Q: I would appreciate some advice on how I can fairly assess process variation for metrics derived from “discrete” variables over time. For example, I am looking at “unit iron/unit air” rates for a foundry cupola melt furnace in which … Continue reading

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ASQ Certification sample exams

Q: I became a member of ASQ yesterday.  I’ve tried to find some simulating exams on the site to check my knowledge on CQT, however no success achieved.  How can I get to those exams? A:  Thank you for contacting … Continue reading

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Restructuring an Internal Auditing Program

Q: For the last 15 years, my company has employed a small cadre of full-time, dedicated safety management system auditors. A current proposal in our company is to recast those auditors as HES Superintendents under the supervision of an operations … Continue reading

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Could Null Hypothesis State Difference?

Q: Does a null hypothesis always state that there is no difference?  Could there be a null hypothesis that claims there is?  In the U.S. legal system, the null hypothesis is that the accused is assumed innocent until proven guilty.  In another legal … Continue reading

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