AS9100C: Scoring the Aerospace QMS

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Q: I’m reviewing the scoring method used for auditing AS9100C  – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations, and I don’t see any verbiage to show what would be considered an acceptable overall score. I’m curious to know if the score is more subjective to the discretion of the auditor or if the threshold for “acceptable” or “not acceptable” exists somewhere as a guideline. Thank you to anyone able to offer insight.

A: The AS9101D auditing standard (currently not sold by ASQ) has scoring to provide an indicator of how robust your quality management system is operating (QMS), which is based upon the findings identified during your audit.  There is not a required score to “pass” the audit and receive certification.  The AS9101D score is recorded in the OASIS database, which your current and potential customers may review.

AS9100C requires the use of the AS9101D auditing standard, which has eliminated scoring.

Buddy Cressionnie
International Aerospace Quality Group Americas AS9100 Lead
Voting member of the U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 176
Southlake, TX

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