ASQ Recertification and In-house Training Requirements

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In our corporate audit department, we have a number of individuals that are ASQ certified.  What standards do we need to adhere to in order to provide in-house training that qualifies for ASQ re-certification units?


You asked ASQ about standards for granting recertification units (RUs) from in-house training. There are two main concepts here:

  1. Training must cover some part of the affected certification body of knowledge or be taken for job enhancement.
  2. Every hour of contact time equals 0.1 RU.

Body of Knowledge (BoK). The training topics must cover some part of the certification BoK. This is pretty liberally interpreted. Each certification has a booklet, available for download from the ASQ web site, showing its BoK as an outline of topics. Make sure the training will support one or more of these topics.

Contact time. A one-day course is typically 6-7 contact hours, which would equate to 0.6-0.7 RUs. You cannot count lunch (unless it is a working lunch) or break times – just actual training.

Records. Most people receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training class. It shows name, date, course title, contact hours (or RUs), and person granting the certificate (need not be signed). The employee makes a copy of all these certificates and includes them in the recertification journal/logbook. Pay particular attention that the date of the class is within the dates of the three-year ASQ certification.

Dennis Arter
ASQ Fellow
The Audit Guy
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Kennewick, WA

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  1. I appreciate your answers Dennis. The Body of Knowledge information is a great outline. Using the BoK along with related materials was a big help to me back when I prepared for certification exams.

    Bud Salsbury, CQT, CQI

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