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Using White Out on Controlled Documents

Question During our certification for AS9100C the auditor found some documents with correction liquid that we have used for years. We have prohibited the use of any type of correction on all processes company wide. It is common that during … Continue reading

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Batch measurements

Question I have a concentration measurement for an ingredient in a bulk final product. This measurement is close to one of the spec limits. Given each measurement has an inherent error (or range), how do I calculate the probability this … Continue reading

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Nonconformance versus CAPA Requests

Question: I need advice on the use of Nonconformance versus Corrective Action/Preventive Action (CAPA) Requests. I understand and have tried to communicate the low risk and high risk definitions to staff with some understanding. In reporting nonconformance’s some evolve into … Continue reading

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Employee Qualification Audit

Question I am a Quality Assurance GxP Auditor and I am being told that I cannot perform employee qualification audit.  I am being told that CV/resumes, job descriptions, and training records are confidential and my viewing them would violate an … Continue reading

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ISO 17025 calibration requirements

Question: I was recently in a discussion with someone about ISO 17025 calibration requirements. It was my understanding that all equipment associated with the tests within our ISO 17025 scope needed to have an uncertainty value reported with each calibration. … Continue reading

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AS9100 Audit

Question: I have recently started work at a company that is registered to AS9100. My previous employer was registered to ISO 9001 and I was trained as an internal auditor. What additional training is required to audit to AS9100? (other … Continue reading

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Food Safety and Sampling

Question I like to know how to sample a finished product or ingredient so that the sample to be tested is representative of the product as a whole so it will increase confidence in subsequent test result. This is needed … Continue reading

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