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ISO 17025 Certified Testing Lab Not Required to Provide Raw Testing Data?

Question I have sent a sample for testing to a lab which is ISO certified, they have provided me with the test results, however, when I asked them for the Raw Data to support the testing performed as well as … Continue reading

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Postponement of Surveillance Audit Due to Force Majeure Event

Question If a Force Majeure event effects the company during the time that the annual Surveillance Audit was to be done, can the Surveillance Audit be postponed until after the conclusion of the Force Majeure period without losing ISO 9001 … Continue reading

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The Role of an Observer During an Audit

Question A customer of ours wants to participate as an observer in an upcoming audit. I’ve not been able to find much information about the role of observer – what they can and cannot do. For instance, I assume that … Continue reading

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Switch from ANSI/ASQ Z1.9 to ANSI/ASQ Z1.4?

Question Hi, We are using ANZI1.9 for a dimension test of packaging components. As dimension is under variable, can we switch to ANZI 1.4? The reason for this is to align with our supplier who is using ANZI 1.4. Can … Continue reading

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“As received/As found” condition requirement within ISO/TS 16949?

Question It’s been mentioned to me by several people that TS16949 requires that the “as found” (sometimes known as the “as received”) condition is required to be documented on calibration certificates. However, I’ve read 7.6.2 several times and I can’t … Continue reading

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Using White Out on Controlled Documents

Question During our certification for AS9100C the auditor found some documents with correction liquid that we have used for years. We have prohibited the use of any type of correction on all processes company wide. It is common that during … Continue reading

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Batch measurements

Question I have a concentration measurement for an ingredient in a bulk final product. This measurement is close to one of the spec limits. Given each measurement has an inherent error (or range), how do I calculate the probability this … Continue reading

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